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3% of all our revenue is donated to local Homeless Shelters


 Even though we all love to travel and want to go and see every corner of the earth, from time to time we go back the place we call home. Home is our recharging station, safety box, and personal museum. Imagine the last day of your travel. You do not want to miss anything so you check your travel plan again and at the same time you miss your home comfort. That is why home is the most crucial element for travelling.      

     However, there are people who do not have this crucial element. That is why we decided to support them because we believe that from our support, they will be able to break through their suffering and start to dream again. 

     All 3% of our revenue we generate go 2 local homeless shelters and Feeding America and we promise you here that as we grow, we reach out more people who need our support.