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We’ve come a long way since the days when luggage consisted of trunks that took 2 people to carry. The suitcase is the symbol of freedom to travel, the all-purpose piece of luggage that made it possible for anyone to see the world, not just the super-rich who had an army of servants to carry their trunks for them. The suitcase is iconic. It represents adventure and wanderlust.

Your suitcase can make or break your traveling experience. You need it to work, you need it to be sturdy, you need it to meet airline requirements, and of course you need it to fit all the stuff you’re bringing. My Gaia Travel Buddy has you covered. Whether you are looking for luggage that meets the carry-on size specifications of major airlines or plan on putting your suitcase in checked luggage, we have suitcases that meet your needs.

At My Gaia Travel Buddy, we have suitcase styles that range from industrial and functional to sleek and stylish. Suitcases are for carrying your clothes and travel necessities, but they can also be a fashion statement, and we know many world explorers want to show off their style with their luggage. Besides, a bright, fashion-forward suitcase is easy to spot on a baggage carousel at some far-off airport where all the signs are in languages you’ve only seen in phrase books. As the smells of exotic cuisine waft through the air and your thoughts turn towards getting out of the airport and exploring the city, at least you can rest assured that you are not going to miss your baggage when it comes off the conveyor belt.

When it comes to the functions of suitcases, we’re experts. Suitcases can take quite a beating, and we bring you cases that can handle it. If you’re looking for a suitcase that is stylish enough to make a statement but resilient enough for the rigors of stowage, we have it for you. Luggage handlers don’t have time to treat the bags that come through with particular care, and really who can blame them? There are hundreds of checked bags that need to be put on the airplane as quickly as possible. They have to get the job done so the plane can leave on time. And then once the luggage is all on the plane, it is likely to shift and bump around. Heavy things might fall. A bag that’s not up for the task could easily get crushed.

If you’re carrying delicate things that need extra protection, we have the hard shell suitcases you need to get your possessions through safely. (Packing them with enough padding is up to you, though!) If you need a smaller suitcase that can come with you in carry-on luggage, where you can easily access everything you need, we have you covered. If you need maximum capacity to bring back a whole bunch of souvenirs from your travels, you have come to the right place. With designs that anticipate your needs, our suitcases are perfect for getting you there in style and security.

Whether your style is modern, sleek, urban, or vintage, you can find fashionable suitcases that stand up to the demands of travel. Go travel the world in comfort with a lightweight, tough, and easy to carry suitcase with the glassy smooth rolling action of brand new wheels. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your My Gaia Travel Buddy suitcase in all the amazing places it takes you!