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Is anyone ever actually able to sleep comfortably on an airplane? After years of travelling, we are pretty sure that the notion of doing anything comfortably on an airplane is probably a myth. But that doesn’t mean that all is lost! There are plenty of things you can do to make your flight, train ride, or car trip more comfortable, and the first thing to do is to invest in some high quality gear to help.

Neck pillows are the first tool most travelers reach for when they’re trying to get themselves some comfort on a long trip. A good neck pillow can keep you from getting a crick in your neck. It can even help you arrive at your destination well-rested and ready to go. There are many neck pillows to be had at airport convenience stores the world over, but do not be deceived – the quality of your neck pillow matters a lot. If you get a cheap, low-quality neck pillow without doing your research, you may pay for it with an uncomfortable trip and a sore neck. Fortunately, here at MyGaia Travel Buddy, we have great neck pillows with innovative designs which will help you travel in maximum comfort.

Another thing many people worry about when traveling is light. When there is too much light around, it is very hard to get any sort of decent sleep. This is an annoyance on planes or trains, but it is absolutely terrible when you are in a hotel or hostel. Being sleep deprived can easily ruin a trip, and everyone already knows that you never sleep as well in a hotel as you do in your own bed. But even though the bed does not feel familiar like your own bed, you can still get a better night’s sleep with a comfortable eye mask. And of course, a good eye mask can also help you get some shut-eye on a plane or train, so that you arrive at your destination in a good mood and not grumpy. Even if you have no problem sleeping perfectly soundly at home, it’s a wise idea to bring an eye mask along on your journey to help make sure you will get the sleep you need to keep you going on your grand adventure.

From pillows to eye masks to noise cancelling headphones, there are many gadgets you can use to help make your trip as comfortable as possible. Some minimalist travelers might say that extra concessions towards comfort are just so much unnecessary baggage; we’re not quite sure how, though, since it seems like the whole point of traveling is to be able to enjoy it. Make sure you are alert, cheerful, and rested for your excursions with comfort accessories from My Gaia Travel Buddy, and don’t forget to send us your photographs! We love to see our products in exotic and amazing locations – yes, even eye masks.

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Cartoon Eye Mask

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Cruise Queen Eye Mask

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Inflatable Neck Pillow

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H Beam Travel Pillow

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