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If the suitcase is the symbol of the freedom to hop on an airplane and go wherever your heart takes you, the humble backpack is the symbol of being able to set off on your own two feet and just go. Up mountains, across rivers, through strange cities and into the wilderness – wherever your adventure-hungry heart wants to take you, a sturdy and trusty backpack is your best friend.

People have been bundling up their possessions, putting them on their backs, and heading for the horizon probably for as long as there have been humans. As much as it is a natural human instinct to settle down in a dwelling and surround ourselves with the comforts of home, it is equally natural to set off an adventure with just the things you can carry with you to sustain you. And right now backpacking is more popular than ever.

Our distant ancestors might have tied up their belongings into a scrap of cloth and thrown it over their shoulders, but we have the ability to go backpacking in a lot more comfort than that. With design features such as ergonomic design and lumbar support, you can go a lot farther with a lot more comfort than in the days of yore. And with well-designed pockets and organizational features, you can keep your belongings tidy and exactly where you can find them.

If you dream of hiking the Wicklow Way or the Camino Santiago de Compostela, you can find the sturdy, comfortable backpacks you need for your trip here at My Gaia Travel Buddy. But many backpack aficionados simply prefer them as a convenient, comfortable way to carry belongings wherever they go – even if they never leave the comforts of civilization. If you are looking for a sleek, sophisticated backpack that will carry your laptop and planner through airports and into business meetings all over the globe, we have the style and functionality you are looking for as well.

From leather to canvas, from modern to retro, and from wilderness to business, you can find the perfect backpack for your worldwide adventure at My Gaia Travel Buddy. You can find innovative solutions to common problems such as identity theft and pickpocketing with anti-theft features. You can also get the support you need to help choose the backpack that will be best for your trip by shooting us a message.

At My Gaia Travel Buddy, we are here to help you get where you’re going for your grand life adventure in comfort and style. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your My Gaia Travel Buddy backpack in all the amazing places you go!

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NIID UNO I Travel Slim

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