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Plug adaptors and luggage tags and security locks, oh my! Sometimes, the success of your trip depends on the smallest things – like whether you can plug in your phone without frying the battery on a different power level, or how safe and secure you are able to keep your bags. And here at My Gaia Travel Buddy, we are here to make sure you have everything you need to make your trip a total success.

The journey starts with luggage tags. Whether you carry on or check your bags, the thought that they might get separated from you and lost is one that inspires nightmares. Sure, you could buy a toothbrush and a pack of clean underwear at your destination city, but you really need the belongings you packed. And while your checked luggage will have an indication of where it is supposed to go and a way of tracking it in case it goes elsewhere, how much more peace of mind is there when you know that your name and phone number are right there on the luggage, and anyone who finds it can easily just call you and let you know they have it? After all, while there are some people who wouldn’t think twice about stealing what didn’t belong to them, most travelers are decent people who know how it feels to be separated from their bags, and will happily give you your cherished belongings, and your extra socks, back.

And then, of course, there is the issue of security to consider. Just because the majority of the travelers you will encounter are decent human beings, do you want to risk it? Especially if you are carrying anything valuable – even just a camera to document your adventures – the temptation may be too great for someone to resist if the opportunity arises. A good locking system can help to ensure that your belongings stay safe the whole time you are traveling, and that everything will be exactly where you packed it when you get to your destination and open up your bag.

There are conventional locks that use keys or combinations, but many forward-thinking travelers are opting for smart locks that you can control with your smartphone. Keys can be lost and combinations can be forgotten (by you) or solved (by some enterprising criminal), but a smart lock that interacts with your phone can ensure that only you can get in, and that you can always get in. Even better, a smart lock is able to track data about your luggage and send it to your phone, so you can see whether anyone else has meddled with it. And for total peace of mind, your smart lock will alert you if you leave your bag behind.

Once you arrive at your destination, you start to unpack your things and get your electronics running. You plug in your laptop, you charge up your camera, you top off your phone battery … and in many countries, you can’t do any of this without a converter. Because different areas of the world have different levels of voltage coming through ordinary wall sockets, electronics are made to only be able to plug into the appropriate outlets for the way the item is designed. You need a converter, not just to make the plug fit into the outlet, but to make sure that the power does not fry your computer or phone. Let My Gaia Travel Buddy help you get the power converter you need for wherever you are going in the world, so that you can take pictures, use your phone, and document your adventure without fear.

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