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When Is The Best Time To Buy Luggage?


When it comes time to plan to your next getaway, you will want to strategically buy your luggage at the right time. If you just purchase luggage from the popular name brands that you know, it can be expensive especially when you haven't done your research. But if you are strategic when you purchase new luggage, you could put money away for the getaway that you are planning. So when is the best time to buy luggage? It's recommended that if you are going to purchase luggage, you do so during the following times of the year:



In most places, the weather is going to start getting warmer and people want to plan their getaway during spring break. Anybody that sells seasonal items are going to be getting ready for their summer inventory so you might get some deals depending on what you buy. With spring break not too far away, retail store owners know that people in college want to go to spring break but they don't have a lot of disposable income. This is the first time of the year where you will want to keep an eye out for deals on luggage.



Many stores that sell anything will have a Memorial Day sale. This is the same when you are talking about luggage. Not only will store owners have deals for Memorial Day but they may also have a sale for Mother's Day. Therefore, May would be one of the best time to buy luggage.



Most people who travel during summer don't travel after the fourth of July. When the interest in traveling starts to go down, anybody that runs a store will start lowering prices. No store owner wants to have inventory that will not move. So when you come back for your next summer getaway, you might want to go to your closest store that sells luggage to see if any deals are running. For the reason July is the best time to buy luggage


There are more strategies that you can use especially if waiting until the next month mentioned above is out of the question. If you have to buy luggage a different month of the year, read the tips below:


Don't Buy More Then You Need


Is it really vital to have the name brand luggage with their different sets or could you get the cheaper brand? Many people end up buying different types of bags without getting any use of them. Plan out what you will bring with you before you end up purchasing luggage or any other bags.


Make Sure You Are Getting Deals on Sale Days


In conclusion, when it comes to "When Is The Best Time To Buy Luggage?" You need to think ahead when you plan to travel and be Clever When You Shop.


Just because stores have names that you recognize doesn't mean they are selling the best price. Just because a store is small doesn't mean they won't have something that will suit your needs for your next vacation.

Don't Sacrifice Quality For A Better Price


While I mentioned that the top of the line luggage isn't a must, you still want to make sure the luggage you are using has some quality to it. You don't want your items falling out everywhere with the luggage that you paid for unable to get everything to your hotel.


If you want to get a good price for new luggage, you don't have to buy the cheapest you can find. You just have to know where to look, when to look and what to look for.

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February 21, 2020 — Denyse Salvador

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