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What Can I take on a plane in checked luggage??

Packing things in your checked bag that are prohibited by the airline you are flying with can ruin your trip. So it is better to know “what can I take on a plane in checked luggage” beforehand and end any possibility of last minute confusion.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a list of things that are prohibited to carry on flights, and you must avoid carrying these items in your checked luggage to ensure a hassle-free trip. Till then, you can check out this list of items you can take on a plane in checked luggage without any restrictions

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - It’s a no brainer that you can carry your clothes and shoes in your checked luggage. But, it is necessary to keep the number of your clothing and other accessories in check to avoid crossing the maximum weight limit permitted by your airline.
  • Medication - You absolutely do not need to worry about carrying your medicines in your checked luggage in reasonable quantity, but it is suggested that you also carry some in you cabin luggage as well for any last minute health issues. Whether its pills or liquids make sure that they all are labeled properly to avoid and confusion during screening at security.
  • Liquids – whenever you go to an airport, we always see no signs with liquids that we often have such as bottled water or perfume etc. So all liquids are banned in a plane? If you check the signs closely and ask yourself “What can I take on a plane in checked luggage?” The answer is a bit different from what we thought. The TSA permits carrying liquid containers in your checked luggage are creams, gels or pastes. Any liquid containers with more than 3.4 ounces in volume must be packed in your checked luggage, but there is no limit to how much liquids you can carry, unless and until it doesn’t extend your checked luggage weight limit.
  • Alcohol/Canned Beer - You are also permitted to carry alcohol in your checked luggage, but with some restrictions. For instance, each traveler can carry up to 5 liters of alcohol in their bag, but the bottle must not be opened. Also, the alcohol beverage that you are carrying in your checked luggage must not be over 70% of alcohol. Similarly, you are also allowed to carry canned beer in your checked luggage, but it is recommended that you don’t. The reason behind this is the fact that carbonated beverages like beer in cans are quite likely to explode with pressure and create a mess in your luggage.
  • Food & Goodies - Great news for all foodies out there! TSA authorities permit packing all your favorite food items and goodies, be it canned food or chocolates, in your checked bag. But one thing you must keep in mind while packing food items in your checked luggage is to pack it separately and nicely for screening reasons.
  • Beauty & Grooming Products - Cosmetics and beauty/health products too are permitted to be carried in your checked luggage. So, be it soaps, shampoos, hair spray, hair mousse, sunscreen, lipsticks, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail scissors, razors and hair straighteners etc; all can be carried in your checked luggage without any restrictions.


Let’s sum up what to pack or not when it comes with what can I take on a plane in checked luggage for your next journey.

  1. Fashion items: There is no limit to pack but remember the weight limit
  2. Medicine: Absolutely fine to pack but labeling is a must.
  3. Liquids: If a container is more than 3.4 oz, it must be packed in your checked luggage. TSA doesn’t prohibit how many or much liquid items you packed but it is wise not to pack too much in order to avoid over weight fee.
  4. Alcohols: Party Time!! But I strongly suggest you should not start party in the plane. You can pack up to 5 liters of alcohols but the bottle must be opened and cannot be over 70% of alcohols. Plus, if you are beer guy or gal, think twice to bring canned beer. It is possible that your favorite beer could explode in your checked luggage.
  5. Food: You are about to taste exotic cuisine but also want to have taste from home? Good news for you. You can carry canned or sealed food in your checked luggage but there are few things to consider. The food must be sealed and packed nicely so that when the luggage goes in to screening, board agents can check the package without making a mess.    
  6. Cosmetic items: NO RESTIRCTION!! Unless you use a katana to shave your legs. Every beauty item on your vanity is OK to pack.
October 24, 2019 — Gunrock Park

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