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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Business Trip-My Gaia Travel Buddy

According to the Global Business Travel Association, 79% of business travelers claim their travel experience affected their satisfaction with their job.

With seats getting smaller, baggage fees getting higher, and travel becoming more and more common, keeping employees satisfied when they travel should be a priority for a business.

But there are also steps you can take yourself to improve your travel experience all on your own, starting with the decisions you make when you're packing for a business trip. Read on for expert advice to simplify your packing and ensure you still have everything you need.

Choose the Right Bag

For your first couple of business trips, bring your stuff in your gym bag before you invest in an expensive bag for work travel. This will allow you to see what kind of pockets you will need and exactly how large a bag you should buy.

Next, you need to consider whether you want a bag with wheels or not. Wheeled bags are great when you have to travel long distances between connecting flights in the airport. But they are inconvenient when it comes to trying to find enough space for them in the overhead bin.

You should also make sure that whatever bag you choose is lightweight and durable. If you need to check your bag at some point, you want it to be able to handle being tossed around a little bit. Being lightweight is also important because often bags have to be below a certain weight or you will incur oversized baggage fees.

Never Check Your Bag

When you check your bag at the airport, you are putting your faith in the baggage handler's ability to sort your luggage and load it onto your plane before you take off. In the case of a connecting flight, their job becomes increasingly difficult since the bag has to make it on the right plane not once, but twice.

With more than forty thousand flights a day in the United States alone, the idea that your luggage will make it where it's supposed to be going is a very optimistic attitude to have.

Most business trips are only a few days to a week, so try to pack your items in a carry on bag if possible. If you have chosen the right bag and only fill it with the items you need the most, then you should be able to fit everything you need.

Even if your trip is longer than a week, you can still use a carry on bag. Consider shipping the rest of your stuff to its final destination. Whatever hotel you are staying at can bring the package up to your room and have it ready for you by the time you unpack.

Pack the Right Clothes

When you go on your first few business trips, you will be tempted to pack a variety of different outfits to be sure you have something for every occasion. But clothing is one place where you really need to cut back if you want to have an easy time traveling with your packed luggage.

Avoid Overpacking

Avoid packing any items that you don't need like large toiletry items and "just in case" clothing. Business trips are generally pretty predictable and once you get an idea of the expectations, you can leave everything else at home.

Ditch the Colors

Buying clothing that is neutral in color is a great way to ensure that everything you have matches. That means you can pack fewer items while making just as many outfits.

Pack Wrinkle-Resistant

Many hotel rooms are equipped with an iron and ironing board, but do you really want to spend the precious downtime hours you have on your business trip getting your outfit ready for the next day?

Instead, shop for wrinkle resistant shirts and shoes. While they still may need a little touch up after being crushed in a bag, it will be much less work for you.

Organize Your Belongings When Packing for a Business Trip

The key to packing well is ensuring you have a place for everything you need. Once you select a home for each of your items like a particular pocket, that is where it should go every time.

That way you can easily see if you are missing something when you pack on the way there, and before you leave your hotel room. You will also find it helpful because you can get things out that you need without turning everything else upside down.

If you will be going through TSA on your trip, make sure that you place your large electronics and liquids at the top of your bag to make them easy to take out and scan separately.

Reduce Unused Items Over Time

Most business people like to keep their travel bag at least partially packed if they travel often to make it easier the next time. They might leave things in it like travel sized lotions or shampoos, as well as items for in-flight entertainment like puzzle books and magazines.

While many of these items are necessary, others you won't use as often as you think. Every few trips, you should empty out your travel bag completely and take out everything you haven't been using permanently. This will make your bag lighter and give you more room to pack other things.

More Tips for Travel

Now that you know everything about packing for a business trip, you will be able to pull together the items you need easily.

Just make sure you choose a high-quality bag to put everything in and stay organized. For more helpful advice and tips for travel, check out our blog today.

October 29, 2018 — gunrock park

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