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The 7 Best Travel Organizers for Perfect Packing-My Gaia Travel Buddy

Are you guilty of overpacking for vacation? You spend hours picking out the perfect outfits to pack but end up having to sit on your suitcase in order to get it zipped shut.

Then, when you're on vacation, you end up with a mess of clothes all over the hotel room as you rummage through your bag looking for that one shirt you wanted to wear to dinner. What a headache!

What if you could still pack all your favorite outfits without the hassle of a messy suitcase? Travel organizers are a lifesaver for anyone who loves to travel or who has to travel a lot for business.

But no two travel organizers are the same. Keep reading to discover the 7 best travel organizers to make packing a breeze.

1. Easy Roll Space Saver

You've heard of vacuum sealed bags for garage and attic storage, now get ready to hear about them for traveling, too!

The Easy Roll Space Saver can reduce clothes size by 70%, saving you tons of room in your suitcase or carry on. Plus, you don't need a vacuum suck out the air, so you can feel free to open it and reseal it while on vacation. All you have to do is roll the air out!

2. Cosmetic Makeup Bag

Makeup poses a dilemma for many female travelers. You want to pack light, but you also want to look fabulous in all your Instagram shots.

The Cosmetic Makeup Bag gives you the best of both worlds. It's big enough to fit all your makeup essentials but compact enough to fit nicely in your suitcase. Plus, with elastic pockets, you'll be able to separate different cosmetics and keep them safe from rolling around during transit.

But this doesn't have to be for ladies only! With solid blue and orange colors available, this can also double as a good toiletry bag for men and women alike!

3. Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Have you ever arrived in your hotel just to discover there's next to no counter space in the bathroom? This can make it hard to keep your toiletries and cosmetics out.

The Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag has the perfect fix. It unzips, revealing a hook that can be hung on a towel rack or doorknob. When unzipped, you have easy access to all your toiletries. Elastic bands and zippered compartments help keep everything organized.

Are you more of a light packer? If you don't need a big organizer, opt for the Grab and Go Toiletry Bag instead. It's perfect for those weekend getaways or for anyone who only needs a few small bottles of shampoo and body wash.

4. Stylish Smartphone Wallet

Staying organized on vacation is more than just keeping your suitcase in order. You also want to make sure your wallet is organized, so you don't hold up the line trying to find your foreign currency.

This Stylish Smartphone Wallet is one of the best travel organizers. It has room for credit cards, cash, and loose change. Plus, there's a special slot to fit your smartphone, so you don't need to keep it in the back pocket of your jeans and risk getting pickpocketed.

There's even an extra compartment which you can use to store itineraries, attraction tickets, or confirmation print-outs to ensure you're prepared for anything. A keychain wristlet allows you to slip it over your wrist, so you can keep both hands free.

5. Lingerie Organizer

It's no secret that bras are expensive. The last thing you want to deal with on your trip is a bent underwire because you just threw them into your suitcase.

Don't overlook your lingerie when it comes to finding a travel clothes organizer. The Lingerie Organizer is perfect to keep your bras and panties separate.

Not only is this a great way to keep the underwire of your bras intact, but it makes finding panties easier than ever. You'll never have to do digging through your suitcase trying to find clean underwear again!

6. Travel Electronics Organizer

If you're traveling for work or want to stay connected to loved ones back home, you may plan on packing quite a few electronics. If you intend to pack more than just your phone, the Travel Electronics Organizer is a must.

It has separate compartments, so you can pack your mouse, headphones, and any other electronic accessory you may need. Elastic bands under the lid provide the perfect place to store wires and a space divider helps keep everything organized.

Plus its water-resistant and made of durable fabric to prevent tears. So, you can travel peacefully knowing that all those expensive electronics are safe and sound.

7. Travel Girl Jewelry Bag

When deciding what to pack, one of the best tips is to go for basic tops and solid colors. This makes it easy to mix and match items of clothing to create numerous outfits with just a few pieces.

But all those basic tops can start to look boring. And who wants to look boring on vacation? Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to take your outfit to the next level.

However, if you've ever moved or traveled with jewelry, you know how easy it is to lose an earring or end up with a giant knot of tangled necklaces.

Save yourself the hassle and opt for the Travel Girl Jewelry Bag. It opens up to display your jewelry vertically and has a loop, so it can be hung on hooks or doorknobs. Clear, zippered compartments and special earring inserts makes organizing your jewelry easier than ever.

The Best Travel Organizers for Your Next Trip

If you have a vacation coming up, you may have already started thinking about what to pack. But don't forget to utilize some of the best travel organizers to make packing and staying organized while traveling a breeze.

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October 05, 2018 — gunrock park

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