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Is Hard or Soft Luggage Better?

When you are shopping for a piece of luggage then you can find two types of luggage on the store. Hard luggage and soft luggage. They are in different styles and manufactured by various brands. But, to answer the question, "Is hard or soft luggage better?" you should know them more closely and compare their pros and cons. The information provided in this write-up will also help you to know how to choose the best luggage for you.

What is a piece of hard luggage?


The shape of hard luggage is limited to a standard suitcase whether they are checked-in bags of various sizes or carry-on bags. But due to their lightweight, sturdiness and the latest materials used in them, they are gaining popularity at a faster speed.

What is a piece of soft luggage?

A wide variety of soft bags made of fabrics and duffels including standard suitcase-type and wheeled backpack in different shapes and sizes are available on the stores from which you can choose as per your requirement.


When you compare hard and soft luggage then you will find that each type of luggage has its own pros and cons. While buying luggage you have to consider a few factors discussed here under.


Features of Soft Luggage

High yielding and moving fabrics are used in making soft-sided luggage. These fabrics are made of three types of woven nylon including ballistic, ripstop and Cordura. The texture if Cordura is denser than ballistic which makes the luggage more resistant to abrasion and softer. Ballistic fabric is shinier and smoother than ripstop which can make it rough with time but remain strong until the end. The ripstop fabric also known as parachute fabric is used to make semi-structured or unstructured bags due to its lightweight.

The weight not the quality of all the three fabrics used in soft luggage is counted in terms of denier counts. The higher denier count of ripstop nylon makes it strong enough to carry weight even if it is lighter in weight.

Most of the soft luggage have two or more compartments in them with a few pockets on the exterior and zipper closure with or without a lock included in it.

So, if you are looking for a piece of lightweight and flexible luggage then you should opt for a piece of soft luggage.


Features of Hard Luggage

Hard luggage is made of various types of high-tech plastics like polycarbonate and ABS which are durable and lightweight. Luggage made of aluminum is the most durable but heaviest of all.

Usually, hard luggage opens in two halves with straps in the interior so that you can pack your belongings on both sides and keep them stable. While opening it you will need double space to spread it. However, you can also find hard luggage that has a lid to open it.

If you have to pack breakable items then a piece of hard luggage will be ideal for you as it maintains its shape in any condition and its integrated loc can keep your belongings safe. However, you cannot overload your hard luggage.


Pros and cons of soft and hard luggage

The main pros of hard luggage

  • Strong and lightweight structure to keep your belongings safe and easy to handle
  • Better safety as most of them have integrated locks to save from theft.
  • Maximum space to pack belongings because of thin plastic used in them
  • Better protection as its hard shell is durable enough as it cannot be slit or break easily
  • Easy to handle as most of the latest luggage options have wheels to scroll it

The main cons of hard luggage

  • It needs more space to open it as it has to split open either in 50/50s or opening its lid. So it is difficult to open it in a limited space.
  • Hard luggage usually has no option to expand them.
  • It can be difficult to scroll the hard luggage on a rough and uneven surface
  • It can be difficult to adjust a few hard suitcases in the boot box of your car while travelling with your family.


The main pros of Soft luggage

  • Packing can be more organized as a piece of soft luggage has several pockets on its exterior to adjust your belongings while travelling.
  • It takes lesser space to open it as instead of spreading-opening it, you only have to unzip it to unpack it.
  • They are versatile to use for different rips as they usually have sections to expand them to adjust your things effectively.
  • A few of them can be adjusted easily in the boots of the car according to the space available.


Main cons of soft luggage

  • The fabrics used in soft luggage may not be as durable and strong as the materials used in hard luggage
  • Safety form burglars and thieves can be doubtful as its fabric can be cut or break easily. Items stuffed in its external pockets can be accessed by anyone even without being noticed by you.
  • It will not absorb the impact of knocks and bumps like hard luggage
  • The fabric of soft luggage can wear out easily with time as compared to the plastics used in hard luggage.


Hard vs soft luggage

After going through the information provided in this write-up it can be easier for you to know the answer to the question, â€is hard or soft luggage better’. You should compare the features as well as the pros and cons of hard and soft luggage options available in the market before making a final decision to buy one of these two luggage options.

You can also consider your own preferences and requirements while choosing the better one between hard and soft luggage. If you want an easy to carry lightweight luggage then a piece of soft luggage can be the better option for you. However, hard luggage can be the best choice for you if you are searching for the most durable and stronger bag than a soft one.


Thus, you will have to compare hard and soft luggage options available on the stores carefully on the basis of the information provided in this write-up. A luggage is better for you if it meets your requirements.

March 13, 2020 — Gunrock Park

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