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How to Secure Luggage and Avoid Theft While Traveling

Getting ready to go on a trip?

Wondering how to make sure your belongings are secure?

Tourists often make for easy targets when traveling, and theft is not uncommon. However, while it's unlikely that you'll experience any problems on your trip, thieves are definitely out there. It's important to make sure you take a few steps to keep your belongings safe.

Below we'll look at the very top ways to secure luggage and avoid theft while traveling.

1. Keep Your Luggage Close

The first thing you need to remember to keep your belongings safe is to always keep your luggage as close to you as you can. While there are times that you can relax a little, such as in your hotel room, you need to be alert when you're at the airport or on the street.

When in public spaces never take your eyes off of your bag. Ensure that it's always close by your side and you'll deter the majority of thieves who would otherwise have their eyes on your stuff.

2. Secure Luggage With TSA Approved Locks

You should also make sure to invest in some high-quality TSA approved locks to place on your bags. These can be a big help and will ensure that nobody is fishing into the pockets of your bags without permission.

While locks can be broken, at the very least they will do a good job of deterring sneaky pickpockets and quick thieves that would love to fish a quick item or two out of your bag when you're not looking.

3. Split Your Valuables Up

Another important thing to do is to split your valuables up and never keep them all in one place. This way, even if you do find yourself the victim of theft, you won't lose everything in one fell swoop.

Consider taking a few credit cards out of your wallet and putting them into a secured suitcase or bag instead. Then, just use one or two credit cards or just cash to pay for things while out and about.

4. Pick the Right Bag

You also need to pick the right suitcase to use during your trip. Having a secure bag for traveling is essential and can discourage thieves and make their job more difficult.

First of all, you should make sure that any bag or suitcase you use can easily be secured with locks. This isn't possible with all bags you can find.

Additionally, consider getting a hardshell suitcase if you're concerned with security. A hard case will be much more difficult to break into than a soft bag that can be easily cut open.

5. Use the Hotel Safe, But Don't Trust it Completely

While hotel safes can be broken into and are not as secure as you may be led to believe, they are often still safer than not using them at all.

Hotel staff will be able to access the safe, so it's not completely perfect, but it can deter some thieves who may have broken into your room. It's definitely a better choice than just leaving your valuables sitting around.

However, it's important not to trust hotel safes completely. In some cases, you may want to keep a particularly important valuable with you rather than leaving it in your room.

Final Thoughts

It's essential to secure luggage the best that you can and avoid thieves while traveling. An otherwise great vacation could turn into a horrible experience if you find an important valuable stolen. However, by securing your stuff using the steps above, you'll have the best chance of having a carefree time while traveling.

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