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How to pack for business travel-My Gaia Travel Buddy

Heading for a business trip is quite different from any other excursions that you indulge in all through the year. The trip requires you to be more formal and ceremonious and therefore, you must pack for it in a discrete fashion. In the section below, we have laid down a few guidelines that we think will help you to pack for a business trip.

Waterproof and damage resistant luggage

First things first, before getting started with anything else, you must make sure that the bags you will use to carry your stuff are all waterproof and damage resistant luggage. Travelling for business will obviously require you to bear important documents, testimonials and electronic gadgets that you cannot afford to damage and so you must be extra careful about it. Moreover, using an old and bruised luggage will also not help to make you look any matter among the delegates.

Carry two separate bags

You might want to carry the two pieces set luggage for your business travel. In the smaller one, you can have your travel documents, business cards, receipts, chargers and the laptop bag and use the bigger one for packing your clothes and accessories. This way, you can carry all the objects safely together without cramming any of them.

Carry your basics

Even though it is true that business trips do not last long and doesn’t require one to pack extensively, yet it is important that the formal apparels you carry are in their best condition. Showing up with a crushed shirt or a dirty shoe will ruin your impression before your colleagues and authority; it is therefore important to pack smartly. Carry a few basic shirts and ties, and only two pair of blazers pants and shoes. Press and fold them diligently before sliding into the bag so that even you do not have much time to iron those before your meetings, they will be good to go.

Carry the most important set of dress with yourself

There is rare chance of the airlines losing your luggage and in such a scenario it can take up to days for it to get discovered. It is quite obvious that during your business trip you will be occupied with your professional liabilities and will hardly be able to make time to go through the hassle that is involved in claiming your luggage back from the airport authorities. It would therefore be a wise plan to carry your most important shirt and pair of paints with yourself in the backpack so that you are not completely exposed vulnerability when the D-Day arrives.

Choose your travel attire carefully

A business trip is quite different from your other travel experiences. Here, you have an image and dignity to maintain and cannot let anything to tamper with it, owing to the fact that this will have enough influence on your journey ahead in the company. Thereby, it is important that you carry travel attires that are comfortable yet chic and classy and justify your point from the very beginning of the trip.


September 10, 2019 — gunrock park

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