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How To Choose The Best Carry On Luggage-My Gaia Travel Buddy



Carry-on luggage is an essential piece of luggage whether you are constantly traveling for work or leisure; or occasionally for short or long distance. It is useful for any kind of travel because there is high demand for cabin luggage, so it makes it supply to be unlimited. There are many options, sizes, colors and features. As a shopper, it should be noted that there are few personal factors to considered.


Factors To Consider When Buying Carry On Luggage

There are a few factors to be consider when purchasing your carry-on. They range from -How do you travel? Are you a heavy or light packer? Is the destinations you travel to short or long distance as well as the duration? Do you have any physical condition - prone to back, shoulder or foot pain? Also, you must consider the level of comfort you want during your time on airports, waiting for flights or are you chasing connecting flights? Another consideration is size, cabin luggage has different sizes and airline accommodations should be thought carefully, research on the average size most airlines allow.


After summing up your personal factors, then you have to think about the material of the carry-on, and features such as two-wheel or four-wheel. Do you need a lot of pockets for convenience or straight up hard-shell without pockets? You also have to consider your style, whether you want a plain looking luggage or rock-on bright colors or prints?


  • Most people purchase and use carry-on for different purposes, to carry a weekend wardrobe and personal effects. Others use it for storing valuables that they don’t want to check in such as electronics, jewelry and other valuables; aside from clothes and other personal effects. Think of what you pack in your suitcase when you travel; and the duration of your travel.
  • Traveling, whether short or long distance, can affect our body. It can exacerbate existing conditions such as shoulder or back pain as well as your feet. Choose a luggage that will help you carry your load such as a two-wheel or four-wheel carry-on. You can move freely and easily, to and from an airplane as well as walking or running around the airport to catch your connecting flight.
  • Size does matter in carry-on luggage because each airline or airplane has limited cabin space. The size should be within the limits required by airlines. Most people prefer 22 inch x 14 inch x 9 inch size. It is roomy yet still within the limits of most airlines. Before buying, check airline reviews and choose the size allowed in most of their airplanes.
  • Choose the type of material works best for your travel. Are you a frequent flyer and want the convenience of compartments and pockets or want the strength and durability of a hard shell? The material used in making the carry-on is important in terms of your usage and economy.
  • Style is subjective, depending on your personality and preference. Although, bold colors are now available to emphasize individuality and easy to identify.


Carry-on luggage is an essential item when traveling. It is multipurpose and convenient. Look into these factors before making the purchase.


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