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Being a fashionista abroad- best packing ideas while travelling abroad-My Gaia Travel Buddy

Acing the fashion game in your own country and in a different country are completely two distinct aspects. Because you have grown up with familiar culture since childhood, your taste in fashion and the styling techniques will definitely have some serious influence from it apart from your own unique sense. Besides, to keep up your status as the fashionista in abroad, you must have along with you the dresses and accessories that you are most comfortable flaunting your style in. Thereby, we are pointing down a few packing ideas that will keep up your spirit for fashion even when you are travelling to international destinations.

Check on the country’s weather before you start packing

Instead of carrying every piece of cloth in wardrobe just to be on the safer side with the country’s weather, it is better to get some updates on it before getting started. This way you will have your list of things reduced down to almost half of its initial state creating more room in your luggage for better varieties of apparel. Also, you can have your things arranged in a more disciplined fashion and keeping their original condition intact for a long time.

Have your outfits planned beforehand

The best way to pack when you’ll be travelling for miles to a different country is to have your outfits planned beforehand. Check your travel schedule and the destinations and events that you will be attending throughout your trip and therefore carry your sets accordingly. You cannot obviously wear the same thing to an afternoon garden party and a late night dinner gathering; therefore you must have all your options ready in your luggage before taking off.

Use fashion luggage

It is mandatory for a fashionista to sport everything that is stylish; be it the out-of-the-box dresses, or the unique shoes or the luggage. Using fashion luggage bags to carry all your stuff is sure to make a statement for itself and escalate your style game. Your superior aesthetic perception must be evident in every situation; from the items you choose to use to your deep and genuine understanding of fashion, from being able to adapt yourself in any environment to carrying everything you wear with sheer confidence, will add up to make their mark especially when you are in abroad.

Do not forget the classics

Before doing anything else, just drop a few classics inside your bag that you know you are capable of styling with everything. A white shirt and t-shirt, blue denims and a pair of sneakers are good to go. These can also be clubbed with the local accessories available in the other country to endow you with a look that will be a fine combination of two definite cultures.

Pack things that will define your personality

The most important thing that you must have in your mind is that, in whichever part of the world you are, you must be able to express yourself through your style while keeping up with their fashion. Remember to carry the things that have the essence of your distinctive personality helping you to stand out among an unknown crowd.

August 15, 2019 — Denyse Salvador

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