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Hardside and Softsided Luggage. What Is The Best Luggage For Your Next Travel?-My Gaia Travel Buddy

Just imagine you are standing at the airport terminal, waiting for your luggage bag to appear on the conveyor belt. Suddenly, your bag appears and you find it all bruised up with dents and dirt everywhere. You’ll be in a state of shock. Right?

You might have no control over such minor tragedies. But avoiding them, as far as possible, is the most important thing that you need to pay attention to. So, if you are planning your next travel trip, do keep an eye on the type of luggage bag you are carrying.

There are two major types of luggage bags available in the market, i.e. hardside and softsided luggage. Depending on your travel needs, you can choose between the options and clearly avoid an embarrassing situation, like the one mentioned above.

Basis Of Difference

Hardside Luggage

Softsided Luggage


Made from hard materials, like aluminium, polycarbonate, ABS and polypropylene. Because of the materials, Hard shell luggage is very durable   

It is generally made from nylon fabrics, which definitely makes them durable, but not to the extent of its counterpart. 


Owing to its hard shell, this type of luggage is not quite flexible. Hence, this bag won’t fit in tight places.

This bag is a boon for travelers, who love to stuff their bags with extra clothes and other items. Unlike the hardside luggage, this luggage is super flexible and easily accommodates in tight places.


Protection is a major feature to look out for in luggage, and this luggage is surely a perfect fit. While carrying delicate items or gadgets in your bag, you can be ascertained that this bag will provide your belongings with greater protection.

Softsided luggage might not provide the exact level of protection that hardside luggage is known to offer. When travelling in a flight or on a bus, where your luggage is stored in a separate compartment, there might be a risk of damage to your precious belongings.


Which One Should I Choose?

This is the biggest question that will occupy your mind while searching the right luggage online or at a local store. Amidst thousands of varieties in hardside and softsided luggage, it is very obvious to get confused. However, one ‘mantra’ that will help you sail through is - analyse your travel goals/needs, and then choose the right option.


  1. Business Trips - If you are going on a business trip, it is ideal to purchase a hardside luggage, as it will give protection to your laptops, iPads and other gadgets that might be carrying.


  1. Vacation - Be it a vacation with your family and your loved one, a softsided luggage always proves to be your ally, as it is easy to carry and can accommodate extra items.


  1. Long-Route Travel - In this case, both types of bags are suitable. For example, if you are on a cruise, a hardside luggage is ideal. However, if you are travelling by your own vehicle, you can always prefer softsided luggage, as you will not be deliberately putting all the luggage in one place.

Similar to these, there can be other situations which will help you determine the right choice for your next trip. So, simply understand your travel goals well, and you are all set to go.

April 30, 2019 — gunrock park

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