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Best packing guide for the summer vacation

No matter how old we grow, the summer vacations will be forever anticipated by all of us. It’s that time of the year when we get to leave back our worries, go out in the sun and have a fun time with our families and friends. Some of us even plan exciting vacations to the amusing beaches or gorgeous hills or just explore some charming cities through the country to take a break and relish the nature at its best. To ease it out for you a bit, we have the best packing guide for your summer vacation.

Carry 3 piece luggage sets

We know that when it comes to packing for your summer vacation, you all want to carry the little extras for the “just in case” moments. Mostly, you get to travel with friends or family and try to adjust some of their particulars inside your luggage thus escalating the number of bags that you initially planned to carry. For such cases, it will be a wise choice to carry the 3 piece luggage sets available in the market rather than combining a few random bags from your closet. This way, you have the option of distinct sizes that can be used for various functionalities and will keep you sorted. Also, summer is all about sporting cool styles and because these luggage bags resemble one another in a set, it will render you with a fashionable travel experience. Also, to ensure a hassle-free holiday and avoid the extra flight fares, go for the lightweight luggage bags.

Keep the essentials in your handbag         

Pack the summer essentials and electronic devices in your handbag, while the bigger bags should only be room to your clothes. This way, you can easily access the items that you would need for everyday survival and not fidget with the bigger bags time and again. You can arrange for the special travel-sized toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, sanitizer, moisturizer, deodorants, sunscreen and napkins and put them all inside the handbag. Now, the best way to ensure that they do not leak and create a mess inside the bag is to pack them in air-sealed pouches first before inserting it in the handbag.

Strategically fold your clothes and arrange the footwear

When you do not want to keep a scope of “Oh, I should have packed that for the beach”, arrange your clothes and footwear strategically to capitalize on the space inside the bags. Instead of simply folding the clothes, fold and then roll them so that you can put a lot of them in together. Use a separate compartment in the same bag for your footwear and only carry what you think you will need because they are capable of taking a lot of space.

Do not forget the health kit

When you are going out on any vacation, it is indispensable to carry the health kit that contains all the necessary medicines and ointments in case of an emergency. Put them all together in a pouch and stuff it inside one of your bags so that they are not all over the place when you need them urgently.

July 30, 2019 — Denyse Salvador

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