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Best luggage for fashionistas-My Gaia Travel Buddy

Packing for a trip, especially when it comes to fashionista, can be tricky and yet an exciting experience. Every little detail must be paid attention to, starting from the kind of luggage that you carry to the clothes and accessories inside it; all of them must echo your personality and fashion sense without being too loud and over the top. Here we have a few suggestions that might help all the fashionistas out there to choose the best luggage to travel with.

Themed luggage bags  

It is always a pleasure to the sore eye when you are carrying bags that somehow match each other or all their prints have the same theme. Why limit the contribution of a luggage bag only to carry stuff? Why not use it as an object that will complement your photo-shoots? An interesting choice in this case would be the retro or the vintage style luggage bags that are a fine blend of traditional appeal and modern utilities. The best part about these luggage bags is the fact that they can be combined with any shoes and apparels and is open to experimentation.

Carry lightweight luggage

Fashionistas are always welcome to experimentation. Everything you use will be supreme, unique and have an appeal of its own. Nothing should come between you and your style when you are travelling, not even the weight of the innumerable things that you require to boost your game. To ease it out a little bit, you can go for the lightweight luggage bags that are spacious but will not be an extra trouble in case of weight. Besides, rather than carrying a club of luggage, it will be wise and easy for you to restrict it the number of bags only to a few.

3 piece set luggage        

It is becoming a growing trend among people to carry lesser luggage bags no matter how long the trip is for and this being made possible by the two or three piece set luggage. Rather than combining distinct-looking bags together, go for the ones that come in sets and have been especially designed keeping in mind your need to carry variable items while travelling; they facilitate compact packing and eliminate the chances of losing stuff. This way, you will have your items neatly arranged and find it easy to manage the luggage when you are travelling alone.

A classic handbag

Let’s not ignore the fact that handbags will be your only constant companion when you travelling; whether inside the flight, or when you are going out and about the city, it will always be with you. It is therefore essential to choose a bag that serves multiple purposes, are pretty and spacious. For a fashionista, everything must leave a mark, and especially her handbag. Go for the ones that are of a medium size, has a lot of compartments for your clutch, makeup and toiletries, have quirky and unique designs printed and come with luxurious and comfortable straps; because after all, one cannot separate amenity from fashion!

September 26, 2019 — Denyse Salvador

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