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Backpack vs. carry-on luggage. What is the best option for a weekend getaway?-My Gaia Travel Buddy

You have already planned a weekend getaway but are you still wondering if carrying your things in a backpack or the carry-on luggage will be more suitable? Then worry no more, because we have provided the pros and cons of both the varieties under different circumstances, and we leave it upon you to choose the best option in respect to your plan.


Let’s start our comparison with considering the amount of space in a backpack and a suitcase. Evidently, the backpack has more space to accommodate your stuff but do you really need to use so much only for a weekend? The hardside travel luggage is smaller and compact with separate compartments for all your things so that you do not face a trouble while looking for a thing immediately when you need them.


When you are going for your weekend trip, another thing that will matter is the feasibility of carrying around your luggage. In case of the suitcase or trolley, you must engage one of your hands either to carry it, or pull it along making things a bit inconvenient. Besides, with the carry-on luggage, you cannot simply carry one bag. You must have two or three other smaller bags to carry around for your electronics and camera when you are out sightseeing because, obviously, nobody would carry a suitcase for a local tour.  With backpacks, it is a lot easier, because you can literally stuff all your things into a single back and carry it around comfortably on your shoulders when you are going out and about the town.

Security issues

Though both these varieties of luggage can be assigned with security locks, but we think, a set of travel carry-on luggage is a safer option. These suitcases and trolleys come with a tough exterior shield that protects all the valuable things inside if the bags accidentally fall from a height or encounter a shock. Moreover, you can also have regular or TSA locks securing it when you have left them alone in the hotel ensuring that they are out of a stranger’s reach. But with backpacks, this is not the case. Primarily made of cloth, however high-quality the fiber is, it still is vulnerable and can lead to damaging of the things inside if they are dropped on the ground for some reason. Also, if they do not have pre-built security systems, it becomes really difficult to grant it one.

The mode of transport

Another crucial factor to be considered while making a choice between a backpack and carry-on luggage is your mode of transport. Because you will be travelling for a short period of time, you might have the privilege to travel through private means and in that case, carrying a suitcase or a backpack won’t really make a difference. But in case, if you are planning to take the public transport, then carry-on luggage would really not be a comfortable option because, firstly, you will have to pick it up and carry it the hands all the time and secondly, you will not be able to sit with it beside you or on your lap; you are bound to make separate arrangements for it.

August 29, 2019 — gunrock park

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