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5 Essential Airplane Travel Accessories

International travel is so exciting! You get to explore far-off lands and learn about different cultures.

It's no secret that airplanes are not super comfortable. A couple hours for a domestic flight may not be too bad. But international flights can be up to 16 hours long. That can feel interminable in the cramped confines of an airplane.

To make your flight more bearable, bring along these 5 airplane travel accessories. Once you're a couple hours in and already bored out of your mind, you'll be thanking yourself.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

An inflatable neck pillow is one of the best flight accessories you can bring. It doesn't matter whether you plan to sleep on your flight or not.

Sitting in a cramped airplane seat for hours on end often leads to back or neck pain. Travel pillows provide support for your head and neck that eases these pains.

Plus, if you do want to sleep, it will come in extremely handy. It will give your head the support you need to relax enough to sleep.

Sleep Kit

Even if your flight is not overnight, a sleep kit will come in very handy. Sleeping is a great way to pass the time and you'll feel a bit more energized when you reach your destination.

Your sleep kit should have a comfortable mask you can use to block out the light. High-quality earplugs will help block sounds.

Make sure both the mask and earplugs are comfortable and made with quality materials. Otherwise, they won't do their job and could even annoy you enough that they keep you awake.


Even when you're not sleeping, you probably don't want to listen to people talking or a baby crying. Plus, you'll need headphones if you plan to take advantage of in-flight movies.

Sure, the airline will provide you with a pair. But if you've ever worn airplane headphones you know how uncomfortable and poor quality they are.

If you really want to block out background noise and get into your movie, bring a quality pair of your own. But don't bring anything too bulky, remember you'll have to carry them around with you.


Bring something to entertain yourself. This will help while away the long hours and make your flight a bit more enjoyable.

Each person's preference for entertainment will vary. But here are some ideas:

  • A book
  • Digital book on a Kindle or your phone
  • Music
  • Crossword puzzles

Whatever you choose, find something you enjoy that will eat up some time.


The interior of airplane cabins tends to be pretty chilly. This is to keep the cabin a comfortable temperature for everyone. Cold folks can add a layer or two, but hot folks can't do much to get comfortable.

The cabin temperature, combined with the fact that you're sitting still for so long, leads to cold feet. Bring a pair of soft, warm socks to keep your tootsies happy.

Other Airplane Travel Accessories

These are all great ideas to make your flight more enjoyable. Of course, each person has their own needs and some airplane travel accessories are more useful than others.

Check out our collections for more great ideas. With the right flight accessories, your trip can be a more pleasant experience.

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