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About Us

About Us

There are about 7 billion people on Earth. That means there are 7 billion different dreams but only one dream that everyone shares- Traveling.

Traveling includes going to other countries to experience new cultures, meeting new people, hiking a mountain to see the beauty of nature, and going to a beach to relax and have fun. These are just some examples of that Dream. We all want to travel but are we able to do it?

I had a dream about traveling but didn’t because my circumstances never allowed me. After I was discharged from the military, I had to face devastating reality. My family was broke, my parents got divorced and my girlfriend left me. I didn’t even have a place to stay for a single night. Yes, I became homeless. Every day, I had to fight for food and find a place to sleep. Days after days, all I could think of was suicide because I felt useless, hopeless, and homeless.

One day, I was sitting at a library doing nothing and I saw a photo book about traveling. The book was full of beautiful cities and places that I didn’t know. I was looking at the photos for hours and I realized I had a dream about traveling. Then I knew I had to travel. Since I knew I had a dream, I started looking for a job and working 16 hours or more a day. No matter how tough the job was, I did it because I knew I was getting close to my dream. Years later, I finally had enough money to travel. I traveled lakes and ocean sides, hiked mountains and most memorably I traveled 2 different countries. Now I travel whenever I have time and still feel the same thing when I did that first day.

I am eager to share the feeling that I had. That is why I started My Gaia Travel Buddy. We are an online store that focuses on items surrounding travel and how to make it easier for you to do so. I hope our products would help your travel become smoother and more memorable. Furthermore, I do not forget where I came from and what I had to endure before my travel store. Therefore, 3% of all our Revenue goes to homeless shelters and Feeding America to help those who are most vulnerable in our society.

Don't Just Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

  • Image of Jerry Donovan

    Because you guys, my family vacation was greater than ever - Jerry Donovan

  • Image of Emily

    Thanks to Emma She helped me a lot to choose the right luggage for my first oversea travel - Emily

  • Image of Stephanie

    Durable, fashionable, and great customer service. You guys rock! - Stephanie

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